Cfe3 Cost made in China – replacement parts – 4-B in Singapore Singapore Cam Follower Bearing with Full Stock with top quality

Cfe3  Cost  made in China - replacement parts - 4-B  in Singapore Singapore  Cam Follower Bearing with Full Inventory  with leading top quality

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 various branches. For a lot more particulars: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

CFE3/4-B cam Follower Bearing with Complete Inventory(CFE7/8-B/CFE1B/CFE1-1/4-B/CFE1-3/4-B/CFE1-7/8-B/CFE2B/CCF1-3/8-S)
Neddle roller bearing of all kinds are our main product and our advantage.
CFE3/4-B CFE7/8-B CFE1B CFE1 1/4-B CFE1 3/4-B CFE1 7/8-B CFE2B CCF1 3/8-S CCF1/2-N-SB CCF9/16-SB CCF11/16-SB CCF3/4-SB CCF1SB CCF1 1/8-SB CCF1 1/4-SB CCFE1/2-N-S CCFE1/2-S CCFE9/16-S CCFE-5/8-S CCFE1/2-SB CCFE1 1/8-SB CCFE1 1/4-SB CCFE1 3/8-SB CCFE1 1/2-SB CCFE1 5/8-SB CCFE1 3/4-SB CCFE1 7/8-SB CFH5/8 CFH3/4 CFH1 CFH1 1/8 CFH1 1/4 CFH1 3/8 CFH1 1/2 CFH1 5/8-S CFH1 3/4  CFH1 3/4-S CFH1 7/8 CFH1 7/8-S CFH-1/2 -B CFH-1/2-SB CFH-1 1/8-SB  CFH-1 1/4SB CFH-1 1/4-B CFH-1 1/2-B CFH-1 5/8-B CFH-1 3/4-B CFH-1 7/8-B CFH-2-B CFH-2 1/4-B CFH-2 1/2-B CFH-2 3/4-B CFH-3-B CFH-3SB CFH-3 1/4-SB CCFH-7/8-S CF-1/2–SB/CF-8-1PPSK/CF-3/4–SB/CF-ten-1PPSK/CF-5/8–SB/CF-10PPSK/CF-7/8–SB/CF-14PPSK/CF-1-SB/CF-16PPSK/CF-eleven/8–SB/CF-18PPSK/CF-11/2–SB/CF-24PPSK/CF-11/4–SB/CF-20PPSK/CF-13/4–SB/CF-28PPSK/CF-11/8–SB/CF-18PPSK/CF-thirteen/8–SB/CF-22PPSK/CF-fifteen/8–SB/CF-26PPSK/CF-seventeen/8–SB/CF-30PPSK/CF-2–SB/CF-32PPSK/CF-21/2-SB/CF-40PPSK/CF-21/4–SB/CF-36PPSK/CF-23/4–SB/CF-44PPSK/CF-3–SB/CF-48PPSK/CF-31/2–SB/CF-56PPSK/CF-31/4–SB/CF-52PPSK/CF-4–SB/CF-56PPSK/CF-5–SB/CF-80PPSK/CF-6–SB/CR96BUU/CF-96PPSK CCF-1/2-N/CCF-1/2-S/CCF-9/sixteen-S/CCF-5/8-N/CCF-5/8-S/CCF-eleven/sixteen/CCF-3/4-S/CCF-7/8-S/CCF-1-S/CCF-11/8/CCF-eleven/4/CCF-13/8/CCF-eleven/2/CCF-1 5/8/CCF-13/4/CCF-seventeen/8/CCF-2-S/CCF-21/4/CCF-2 1/2/CCF-23/4/CCF-3-S/CCF-31/4/CCF-3 CCFE-1/2-NS/CCFE-1/2-S/CCFE-9/sixteen-S/CCFE-5/8-S/CCFE-eleven/16-S/CCFE-3/4-S/CCFE-7/8-S CCFE-1-S/CCFE-1 1/8-S/CCFE-1 1/4-S/CCFE-1 3/8-S/CCFE-1/2-SB/CCFE-1-SB/CCFE-1 1/2 -SB/CCFE-2-SB/CCFE-3-SB/CCFE- 5/8 -SB/CCFE-1 1/8 -SB/ CCFE-1 5/8-SB/CCFE-2 1/4 -SB/CCFE-3 1/4-SB/CCFE- 3/4 -SB/CCFE-1 1/4 -SB/CCFE-1 3/4 -SB/CCFE-2 1/2-SB/CCFE-3 1/2-SB/CCFE- 7/8-SB/CCFE-1 3/8-SB/CCFE-1 7/8-SB/CCFE-2 3/4-SB

CCF-3/4-SB CF-1/two CCFH-3/4-S CCF-eleven/16-SB CF-4
CF-1-SB CFH-1/two CCF-7/8-SB CFE-11/sixteen-SB CF-4-B
CF-1/2-SB CF-1/2-B CF-7/8-SB CCFE-11/16-SB CF-4-S
CF-1 1/2-SB CF-1/2-S CF-7/8-S CFH-11/sixteen-SB CF-4-SB
CCYR-1 3/4-S CCF-1/2-S CCF-7/8-S CCFH-11/sixteen-SB CCF-4-S
CCYR-1 5/8-S CFH-1/2-S CFH-2-SB CF-3/4 CCF-4-SB
CFE-2-SB CCFH-1/2-S CFH-2-S CF-3/4-B CFE-4-SB
CYR-3/4S CF-1/2-SB CFH-two CF-3/4-S CCFE-4-SB
CYR-1-S CCF-1/2-SB CCFH-2-S CF-3/4-SB CFH-four
CYR-five CFE-1/2-SB CCFH-2-SB CCF-3/4-S CFH-4-S
CYR-5-S CCFE-1/2-SB CFH-2-1/4-S CCF-3/4-SB CFH-4-SB
CCYR-5-S CFH-1/2-SB CCFH-2-1/4-S CFE-3/4-SB CCFH-4-S
CF-3/four CCFH-1/2-SB CFH-2-1/2-S CCFE-3/4-SB CCFH-4-SB
CF-3/4-B CF-5/8-N CFH-2-1/2-SB CFH-3/four CYR-4-S
CF-3/4-S CF-5/8-NB CYR-3/4 CFH-3/4-S CCYR-4-S
CF-3/4-SB CF-5/8-NSB CF-1/2-N CFH-3/4-SB CF-5-SB
CCF-3/4-S CF-5/8-NS CF-1/2-NB CCFH-3/4-S CCF-5-SB
CCF-3/4-SB CCF-5/8-NS CF-3-1/4-SB CCFH-3/4-SB CFH-5-SB
CF-1/2-B CCF-5/8-NSB CCF-3-1/4-S CYR-3/4 CCFH-5-SB
CFH-3/4-SB CF-5/eight CCF-3-1/4-SB CYR-3/4-S CCYR-5-S
CF-1/2-NS CFH-5/eight CFE-3-1/4-SB CCYR-3/4-S CF-6-SB
CF-1/2-SB CF-5/8-B CCFE-3-1/4-SB CF-7/8 CCF-6-SB
CF-1/2-NSB CF-5/8-S CFH-3-1/4 CF-7/8-B CFH-6-SB
CCF-1/2-NS CCF-5/8-S CFH-3-1/4-S CF-7/8-S CCFH-6-SB
CCF-1/2-NSB CFH-5/8-S CFH-3-1/4-SB CF-7/8-SB CYR-6-S
CFH-1-3/4-S CCFH-5/8-S CCFH-3-1/4-S CCF-7/8-S CCYR-6-S
CCFH-1-3/4-S CF-5/8-SB CCFH-3-1/4-SB CCF-7/8-SB CCF-9/sixteen-SB
CCFH-1-3/4-SB CCF-5/8-SB CYR-3-1/four CFE-7/8-SB CYR-7-S
CFH-1-3/4-SB CFE-5/8-SB CYR-3-1/4-S CCFE-7/8-SB CFH-7-SB
CF-1/2-S CCFE-5/8-SB CCYR-3-1/4-S CFH-7/8 CF-3-1/4-S
CFH-1-3/4 CFH-5/8-SB CF-3-1/two CFH-7/8-S CCFH-3-1/2-SB
CFH-1-5/8-S CCFH-5/8-SB CF-3-1/2-S CFH-7/8-SB CCFH-1-1/2-SB
CFH-1-5/8-SB CF-11/16 CF-3-1/2-B CCFH-7/8-S CFH-3-1/2-S
CFH-1-5/8-SB CFH-eleven/16 CF-3-1/2-SB CCFH-7/8-SB CFH-3-1/2-SB
CCFH-1-5/8-S CF-11/16-B CCF-3-1/2-S CYR-7/eight CCFH-3-1/2-S
CCFH-1-5/8-SB CF-11/16-S CCF-3-1/2-SB CYR-7/8-S CF-11/sixteen-SB
CCFH-1-1/2-S CCF-eleven/sixteen-S CFE-3-1/2-SB CCYR-7/8-S CYR-3-1/two
CFH-1-1/2-S CFH-11/sixteen-S CCFE-3-1/2-SB CF-3-1/four CCYR-3-1/2-S
CFH-1-1/2 CCFH-eleven/16-S CFH-3-1/2 CF-3-1/4-B CFH-1-5/8

CF-1/2-NS CR8 (dXDXCXB) four.826X12.700X 8.731X22.225
CF-1/2-SB CR8-1 (dXDXCXB) four.826X12.700X 9.525X26.194
CF-5/8-NS CR10 (dXDXCXB) six.350X15.875X10.319X26.988
CF-5/8-SB CR10-1 (dXDXCXB) 6.350X15.875X11.112X30.956
CF-3/4-SB CR12 (dXDXCXB) 9.525X19.050X12.700X35.719
CF-7/8-SB CR14 (dXDXCXB) nine.525X22.225X12.700X35.719
CF-1-SB CR16 (dXDXCXB) 11.112X25.400X15.875X42.063
CF-1-1/8-SB CR18 (dXDXCXB) eleven.112X28.575X15.875X42.063
CF-1-1/4-SB CR20 (dXDXCXB) twelve.700X31.750X19.050X51.594
CF-1-3/8-SB CR22 (dXDXCXB) 12.700X34.925X19.050X51.594
CF-1-1/2-SB CR24 (dXDXCXB) 15.875X38.100X22.225X61.119
CF-1-5/8-SB CR26 (dXDXCXB) 15.875X41.275X22.225X61.119
CF-1-3/4-SB CR28 (dXDXCXB) 19.050X44.450X25.400X70.644
CF-1-7/8-SB CR30 (dXDXCXB) 19.050X47.625X25.400X70.644
CF-2-SB CR32 (dXDXCXB) 22.225X50.800X31.750X83.344
CF-2-1/4-SB CR36 (dXDXCXB) 22.225X57.150X31.750X83.344
CF-2-1/2-SB CR40 (dXDXCXB) 25.400X63.500X38.100X96.042
CF-2-3/4-SB CR44 (dXDXCXB) twenty five.400X69.850X38.100X96.042
CF-3-SB CR48 (dXDXCXB) 31.750X76.200X44.450X108.seventy four
CF-3-1/4-SB CR52 (dXDXCXB) 31.750X82.550X44.450X108.74
CF-3-1/2-SB CR56 (dXDXCXB) 34.925X88.900X50.800X121.forty four
CF-4-SB CR64 (dXDXCXB) 38.100X101.60X57.150X146.eighty four
CF-5-SB CR80 (dXDXCXB) 50.800X127.00X69.850X200.00
CF-6-SB CR96 (dXDXCXB) sixty three.500X152.40X82.550X236.fifty four

OUR Guarantees
   Product top quality expectations are certain. Our goods have got ISO 9001 & CE worldwide top quality management program. They all developed with be EPT innovative technologies.We are proactive and we supply only products complying with leading requirements of high quality and guarantee.

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears factory in China with 5 various branches. For far more details: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of first tools manufacturer’s (OEM) portion figures or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference functions only and for indicating item use and compatibility. Our company and the listed substitution parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or created by the OEM.

Cfe3  Cost  made in China - replacement parts - 4-B  in Singapore Singapore  Cam Follower Bearing with Full Inventory  with best top quality

Cfe3  Cost  made in China - replacement parts - 4-B  in Singapore Singapore  Cam Follower Bearing with Full Stock  with best top quality